Thursday, October 05, 2006


Okay. I got a new camera, and I want to play with it. However, the only thing of interest I have to photograph at home is my cats. Here's a few photos I took of them last night. Bear with me. They are so cute, and I do so love them; in light of that, you all will be subject to many pictures of them - especially now that I have a new digital camera. Soon, you guys will be wishing I had more going on in my life and wasn't some crazy cat lady. Take heart! I'm heading west at the end of the month, and you'll be seeing plenty of photos of the Grand Canyon and the Painted Dessert when I return. Also, stay tuned for pictures of my new house! I'm closing next week :) But for now, CATS!

The photo where Marcel-Henri comes up close to the camera and makes his face blurry makes me laugh! He's such a silly cat.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hockey Girl

I thought I'd show you all what I've been working on. This is the cover for the Phantoms game program. These are the helmets the goalies wear, and I thought they'd make a cool shot for the cover. I photographed them outside since natural lighting is always the way to go if you can get it. They were a little chipped and beat up, but nothing that some Photoshop magic couldn't fix! Add a little lightning and a scary face floating in the background and presto! You have a hockey program cover. Easy, huh?

P.S. GiantEagleWhiteCakewithWhippedCreamFrosting!


I don't have anything earth-shattering to share today - no new baby or anything like that, but I thought I'd keep up the semi-regular posts so you all have some idea what's going on with me.

I'm waiting to close on the new house. It's very exciting! It should happen next week, so next weekend might be a very busy one for me :) Not only will I be moving in and remodeling my kitchen, Asphalt 23 is playing at Mt. Olivet again for their Family Fun Day.

Oh! This weekend is my birthday! Sunday, to be exact. I'll be 29. Again. So, you know what that means? GiantEagleWhiteCakewithWhippedCreamFrosting! Oh, I do so love that cake.

Let's see. What else?

I got a very nice new camera! It's a Nikon D70 Digital SLR. I have a few huge jobs coming up on the horizon and I'll need a good camera. Basically, it's taking pictures of sports teams - both the team shots and individual shots. A guy I work with has a few huge jobs that he's asked if I would like to be a part of, so, I said "of course!" It could turn out to be very lucrative :) Anyway, the camera is beautiful, and you'll probably be seeing a lot more photographs from me.

Work has gotten insane! All of a sudden, I'm hockey girl. Every hockey job that comes in, I get it. I'm currently doing the game program for the Phantoms, along with buttons, player photos that hang in the rink, ads for the program, etc. Now, come to find out, my boss who owns the Phantoms, also owns the YSU Hockey Club. It's a strange set-up actually. The team is the YSU Team, but YSU has nothing to do with them. It's just their logo on the jersey. We have a Mahoning Valley Hockey Empire here at BJ Alan, and I am the official hockey designer. After I get finished with all the Phantoms stuff, I have to do all the YSU hockey stuff. Hmmmm. No fireworks designs for me this year. At least very few. What with all this hockey design, I won't have the time for fireworks.

Better go. Pucks and things await.

I'll leave you with one last thought, though...