Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hot Ten

Here it is, the second post of the day. I'm back on track!

I've decided that for my hot post, I'd go with a decidedly "not hot" post. I'm going to post photos from Luna's birthday party, and since Jackie is terribly afraid of fire of ANY kind, we were not able to put any candles on the cake.

Luna wears a purple collar, which is why I went with the purple cake:

It's pretty, isn't it? Here she is waiting expectantly for a first lick. Did I say lick? I meant look:

As far as I know, this was her first birthday party. She seemed to enjoy herself and couldn't wait for her first look at her cake:

And yes, her first lick.

I tried to stop her, but she was too fast for me. Guess which piece she got?

She loves cake. I knew she would. I think that she couldn't be my pet anymore if she didn't like cake. The kits got a lick of some frosting, too.

For gifts, she got a squishy ball, a Littlest Pet that looks like her, and I got her her very own bath towel for that bathing ritual she hates so much. It won't make it any more likable for her, but at least now she has her own towel.


Blogger Bethy said...

Awe! Happy Birthday Luna!

I see you had a GiantEagleWhiteCakewithwhippedcreamfrosting.
I thought of you when I ordered Mike's cake. And I do have a confession to make. I saved a a piece for you...but I ate it for breakfast. I'm terrible. That cake is really good and now I think I'm hooked!

7:18 AM  
Blogger Kimmy said...

Actually, from what I hear she had a IGABananaCakewithWhippedCreamFrosting!

Correct Kim?

Luna looks like she had a lot of fun;-)

7:33 AM  

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