Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hot Seven

So far so good on the hot posting, huh? I think I'll get the hot discussion out of the way right off the bat. What's the deal with Hot Pants? And why, O why do people who should not be wearing them feel like they should? One just has to go to the Canfield Fair to understand what I'm talking about.

And Crocs. What's the deal with those shoes? If anyone reading this has some and likes them, well, I hope I don't offend you. But who on earth thought those big hunks of rubber ugliness looked good on anyones feet? I love it when people decorate their crocs. Little strawberries, happy faces, flowers, stars. You get the idea. I bet there is even a Jesus fish charm, or a cross. Nothing like wearing your faith on your shoes!

Luna is excited about her birthday party. She can't wait for that cake. I'm picking it up at noon tomorrow. Someone told me about a store in the mall that bakes gourmet doggie cookies. Can anyone confirm this? I haven't been to the Southern Park Mall in probably a year, and I can't recall seeing anything like that since I was there. Although, I would not have been looking for it.

Sam, my garden is producing! Besides Kimmy's tomato, I have many more grape and cherry ones, leafy green lettuce, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, beans, broccoli, herbs out the ying yang, and lots of flowers on my cucumber plants, but as of yet, no cucumbers. I'll get some soon, I'm sure. Since I planted so late, my veggies are coming a little later, too, but so far, so good. My corn plants are huge! It will be interesting to see if I get any.

Maybe tomorrow will be a hot jalapeno post with some pics. I'll have to learn how to put that little squiggly thing above the "n" so that blogger will quit underlining it in red to let me know that I've spelled it wrong. Let's try it now: jalapeño. There! I did it! That wasn't so bad. Truthfully, I pretty much thought I had the right idea, I was just too lazy to try it. But I hate those squiggly red lines so much that I had to. From here on out, I'll call them Pepper Hotties. No wavy line above the "n", but now the word "Hotties" is underlined! ARGGGHHH! (that is underlined, too).

If I keep this up, Adrienne will no longer be the queen of long posts. Watch out Adrienne – once I get started, I just can't stop!

Good news! I have a whole week off for vacation next week. I'm very excited about this. I'm going to stain my deck, finish my flower beds, then do nothing. Absolutely nothing. I can't wait. I'll sleep a lot, catch up on some housework, take my dog for walks, hang out with my sister, etc. You get the idea. I like the idea of sleep, so I'm going to finish this now. Enjoy my rambling, and stay tuned for pictures of the Pepper Hotties!


Anonymous Rob said...

Just sticking up for crocs here...possibly the best idea in footwear in the past decade or two. Of course, i'm judging by how comfortable they are...not by how they look.

4:48 AM  
Blogger Kimmy said...

I think my mother-in-law is a Crocs fan. I personally have no opinion on the subject either way. I have not tried them and cannot vouch for their comfortability or their ugliness for that matter.

But hey, YOU got a Rob comment! Congratulations!

I have not seen any doggie gourmet stores in the mall and I've been there lots recently (though I loathe the mall) I think I would have noticed such a store. Perhaps it's Eastwood mall that has it?

6:54 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

Hey Kim, I'm on vaca next week too!!! So does that mean you're going to come to meteor shower?

One of my cucumber varieties has been fruiting for a couple weeks now, but the plants are super small. On the other hand, the other variety, the one I really want to do well, are growing amazing plants with tons of blooms, but to date there isn't a single cuc on them. Wonder if there's something in the weather patterns this year are messing with them. Hmmm.....

2:16 PM  

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