Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hot Six

I'm getting tired of this daily posting already. How much can you write about hot? I thought maybe I'd do and Adrienne-style post, but I honestly don't know if I have that much to write about. I will say this, though: How many of you don't sing the little diddy in your heads when you say the words "Hot Pockets"? See? You just did, didn't you?

My new flower bed is looking pretty good. Since our weather people are terrible, however, we didn't get the rain they've been predicting for the last three days, so I had to water everything this morning. I would have done it last night, but we were supposed to get this massive thunderstorm. The weather people around here would do better just to look out the window and tell us what they see. My dad lives in Houston, and you can pretty much make your plans based on the weather forecast they give. They must have the same Doppler system, right? Is is that our people just don't know how to interpret what they see? I don't know, but you never can count on the extended forecast.

How sad. I'm reduced to talking about the weather.

In other news...
Today is Luna's birthday. She's five. Since I found her, I don't really know when her exact birthday is, so I made it the day I found her. One hot summer day a year ago today, Stephie and I had just left my house on our way to meet friends for lunch. Stephie points out the window and says "Awww. Look at that cute dog." We get to the stop sign at the next block and I say, "Should we go get it?" And she says, "Yeah. We really should." So we turned around, parked in my driveway, and called for the dog. In the few short minutes it took us to get back to my house, she had vanished. While Stephie left to get some dog food from the store, I went looking for her. She came running from behind a house down the street, and she would come up to me, but she wouldn't let me pet her. She did follow me back to my house, though, and as soon as I sat down on my back deck, she jumped in my lap. She was skinny, dirty and quite smelly, but so cute. I tried to give her away; I really didn't want a dog. I even called Angels for Animals and left a message with them. They never called me back. So now she's mine and I LOVE HER!

So, her birthday kind of blindsided me, so I wasn't prepared. I have a cake ordered for Friday. She likes GiantEagleWhiteCakewithwhippedcreamfrosting. Imagine that. James made her a Luna trading card for her birthday. It's pretty cute.

Kimmy, your tomato is ready. I'll bring it to church on Sunday.

I have a terrible headache right now, so I'm going to cut this hot post short. This is pretty long for me, though. There's not a lot of coherent stuff running through this hot little head of mine these days. Maybe it's another sign of old age.

Oh hay! I just remembered a valid excuse that I thought of when I don't want to do something like post every day. I'm just too old for that.


Anonymous Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday Luna!!!!

6:44 AM  
Blogger Kimmy said...

Happy Birthday Luna! Deacon also extends his birthday wishes;-)

Are you really getting her a cake? And, of course she likes GiantEagleWhiteCakewithWhippedCreamFrosting. She takes after her mama. I want to see cake pictures.

I wanted to celebrate Deacon's birthday, but both his adoption anniversary date and the date they say is his birthday are in June, and yeah, that wasn't a good month.

Perhaps we'll throw him a big shindig next year;-)

Anyway...Happy Birthday Luna!

7:41 AM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

Impressive post.

I've been an awful cheerleader - here you have been blogging every day and I haven't even commented.

I actually heard that GiantEagleWhiteCakewithwhippedcreamfrosting was originally made for dogs.

3:59 PM  
Blogger Kimmy said...

And Yay tomato!!!

8:12 PM  

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