Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Summer. Not my favorite season.

So, I was watching the local news, and I got a load of the weather forecast last night. It's supposed to be in the 80s all week! Go away summer! I'm tired of you! You're encroaching on my fall time, and I'm not happy about it. You had your run, and it was a good one – days in the nineties, humidity beyond belief, no rain, dead grass, huge water bills. I could go on and on, but my point is, your time is finished. Now, leave us alone and let autumn have a chance. If it's hot on my birthday, I'm going to be upset, and you will feel my wrath. Okay, I can't do much against nature, but I'm going to be cranky, and that won't make for a very nice day.

I'm just going to talk about fall and hopefully that will give summer a clue. I love the smell of fall; the crispness in the air has a distinct fragrance, don't you think? If there was a perfume that could capture that smell, I'd take a bath in it. I love how you can wear sweats and, well, not sweat. And, is there anything better than cuddling with a good pet in a blanket and not sweating? (I see a theme here. I hate to sweat. I should say, I hate to sweat when I'm not supposed to be sweating. Workout sweat is okay – expected, even.) Okay, I suppose some would say cuddling with someone you love is better than cuddling with a pet, but a pet is what I have, so bear with me. Actually, three pets are what I have, but not all of them like to cuddle. But, I'm off track. How about pumpkins? Aren't they fabulous fruits? (a pumpkin is fruit, is it not?) "Pumpkin Orange" is a fabulous color. If I could wear a complete outfit of that orange, and bathe in the fall perfume, I'd be set. By the way, do you know anyone who calls them "punkins"? Of course, no discussion of autumn would be complete without a mention of the changing color of the leaves. Short-lived, but oh, so, beautiful.

Get a clue, Summer. SCRAM!